Foot Patch

1.Promoting blood circulation & metabolism. 2. Activating cells, improving functions of vital organs. 3. Relieving foot fatigue. 4. Replenishing vital essence and strengthening kidney. 5. Relieving swelling & pain. 6. Promote peaceful sleep 7. Dispelling toxins accumulated in absorbent system. 8. Functions of absorbent system and strengthening the immunity.

Solar lamp

Emergency light Power Source Solar Charging LED Lantern Efficient power back up USB mobile charging

Gas safety Device Soham

• Cuts major hazardous Gas Leaks. • Facilitates in detecting gas leakage in system. • Indicates low level of LP gas in Cylinder’s • Avoids Accidents. • Saves Gas. • 3 year Warranty. • 25 years life cycle. • Temperature activated shutoff system.

Aqua Control System

Aqua Control System has four unique types of model TYPE-A, TYPE-B, TYPE-C, and TYPE-D Type A * Single Tank. * Multiple parallel overhead tanks. Working function aqua control system. After installation of device it works automatically and cut off your water motor when water level comes to maximum point in over head water tank, and it switches on when water level comes to minimum point in the tank. It has a dry run sensor which senses water is being pumped into the tank or not, if water is not pumping into the tank it automatically switches off the motor which saves your motor from getting burnt. Salient Features: - * Power LED * Level indicator LED's. * Dry Run Sensors * All types of motors (Single Phase or three phase) * 1 HP to 5 HP. * Advanced microcontroller programming. * Buzzer.


Features and usage. Instant hot water within 6 seconds. Comes with a free PVC pipe & nozzle. All ISI marked elements are used for safety. Cost you only 5 paisa/ltr hot water. Shock proof and with auto cut off feature. Once water starts flowing from the outlet then only switch on the geyser.

Talking Pen for kids

LeaderBizz Introduces Talking Pen Which Is a new concept In India Specially for children. Talking pen Is an electronic gadget when Placed On any part of The talking book will speak what is written in the book. This is unique instrument to master language phonetics perfectly without any external help. Talking books are a set of many books which adhere to international norms Of Making kids proficient in English, Basic Maths, Social Studies, Games And rhymes, poems, religious geet, national anthem, and with different languages translation & Many More. With Eco-Friendly Materials, No Harm To Kid's Eyes And Health. There Is No Other Product With This Feature In The Market As Yet Programmed To Teach Children. It Is Scientifically Designed On The Basis Of International Research For The Children To Visualize, Learn, And Speak In Right Phonetics & Play At The Same Time.

Bike tracking system

1. Vehicle security system 2. Security, Safety, Control, 3. Live Tracking Feature. 4. Vibration Alarm 5. Get Location by SMS. 6. Vehicle immobilization 7. Over Speed Alarm 8. Android App. 9. Desktop version software 10. Server Facility 11. History Tracking. 12. Speed tracking. 13. Inbuilt battery.


100% Pure natural MORINDA CITRIFOLIA Noni Extract. Pure and deep color, it tastes sour and not sweet. Enzyme Noni or NONI FED, Noni has been recognized by the medical field as an immunization boaster for High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Sexuality, Allergy decreed symptoms, Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Sleep Problems, Pressure, Allergic, Digestive, Breathing, Tired, Tiredness, Rheumatism, Brain Function Disorder & kidney.