Power Saver

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These will most benefits to the following Electrical Appliances, which actual consume more power supply.
AC (Air Conditioner)
Air Cooler
Washing Machine
Vacuum Cleaner
Water Pump
Air Purifier
Mixer / Grinder
Fluorescent Light / Tube light.

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Power Saver
In any house or office the power factor should be 0.99. If it is less or more the electricity is wasted and user pays for it. This can be tested by the power factor meter. Whenever we have seen at customers place with the above meter,80 to 85% places we find power factor to be between 0.6 to 0.85.When the power saver is installed it corrects the power factor thus you are bound to save electricity consumption. So there are 2 benefits i.e you save on your electricity bill and the nation saves wastage of electricity which can be used by people who really require it.