Anti Radiation Chip

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Anti Radiation Mobile Chip. Anti Radiation Mobile Chip is a major breakthrough in technology which can successfully reduce the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation up to 99.9%.
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Anti Radiation chip
•Your safeguard against harmful radiation From 
- Mobile Phones
- Computers 
- Tablet PC’S 
- Wi-Fi Routers 
Prolonged exposure to these devices can be a serious health hazard and may cause 
• Risk to your Heart. 
• Lower Sperm Count. 
• Risk to Children 
• Headaches, Dizziness, Nausea. 
• Brain Tumour & Cancer 
Do You Know? 
• The electromagnetic filed in your home could result in sleeplessness or restless night. 
• When you have less number of signal bars on your phone it emits more radiation. 
• Cell Phone manuals ask you to.. 
- Keep the device away from your body. 
- Text more than talk 
- Recommend that talk time should not exceed 6mins/hour. 
- Cell phones draw more power, and emit more radiation, in enclosed metal spaces like elevators, cars, trains and planes.
o• Neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation emanating from Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablet PC’s and Wi-Fi Routers by changing its wave nature 
• Reduces the stress level in the human body & prevents loss of immunity. 
• Clinical trials conducted on Envirochip prove its efficacy in decreasing pulse rate and improving health. 
• Tested and certified at reputed labs and institutions for its effectiveness and usability. 
• Made from patented technology using a combination of inert materials. 
• Continues to work until it remains fixed on a device.