Portable Washing Mac

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How to Use: 
1. Take a Bucket
2. Fill it water up to minimum water level mark of the machine 
3. Place the washing machine inside the bucket and lock the clamp
4. Add a good detergent power in the water 
5. Switch on the machine 
6. Keep adding clothes up to 2.5 Kgs
7. Don't overload bucket with clothes that the Machine runs smoothly 
8. In 5 min wash cycle gets over and the clothes are ready for rinse and Dry. 
Voltage:  220-240 V  
Power: 350 Watts
Weight: 2.1 Kg. (approx)
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Portable washing Machine…
It is very useful for people who travel, Bachelors, Hostel People and for a single person to get away with their washing needs. 
Our portable washing machine is well known electronic gadget can be used anywhere in any size of bucket portable, 
Economical and user friendly.
 (Features) : Shock Proof - Trendy Looks - Single Speed Motor - Hot & 
Cold Water Proof - Low Power Consumption - High 
Powered 350 W Motor
Important Precautions: Operate the washing machine only from
 Power point which must me earthed at all time while in use.
Overload AC outlet and extensions cords are dangerous, so 
are broken plugs, use three pin plug.
Always unplug the machine before cleaning the outer surface.
Always switch off the machine before taking out the clothes from the buckets.
Do not overload the buckets with clothes.
Do not put your hand while washing the clothes.
Always keep the machine out of the reach of children.