About Us

You could say LeaderBizz Mkt Pvt Ltd is an unmatched business opportunity powered by groundbreaking marketing products; technically you would be right, but LeaderBizz Mkt Pvt Ltd is so much more. “Giving Back” is ingrained in our corporate culture. It stems from Chairman & MD CEO’s enthusiasm for life, charity, and the dream of helping people live on their own terms. There are different business entities LeaderBizz directors have been involved and running successfully since 2011.

Import’s Bitumen from Iran and supplier for south India

Zeal Enterprises

Associate company for imports and supply of Bitumen.

Prime Promoters.

Real Estate and Land Developers.

Overseas Education Solution

Providing Indian students education in foreign countries. (MBBS in Abroad)

Shield Security Systems

Security systems provider


An associate company which manufactures home automation and electronics devices


A NEW EFFECT IN YOUR ECONOMY TOWARDS FINANCIAL FREEDOM Are you living the life you imagined for you and those around you? Are you getting the results you planned? Do you have what you want? These are questions that people ask themselves because they don’t feel happy or satisfied with their lives. That’s why it’s important to take action and do something about it, do something different to achieve what you are looking for to improve your life. But how to get started? The answer is in you, and at LeaderBizz, we give you the tools to find it. Our business opportunity take place in an environment that guarantees a fun, high impact on results, interaction among all leaders, and a dynamic and expertise business experience. Our promise of balance generates quality of life. LeaderBizz is a community of entrepreneurs and visionaries that will leave their mark in the world, offering thousands of families a life-transforming plan. Our leaders focus on building solid values, self-esteem, leadership, business vision, improvement and development.